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Monday - Thursday 8H until 16H
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About Us

What are we doing?

  • Sale of batteries.
  • Sales and advice of A quality motor oil.
  • Sales of new shock absorbers and new springs made to measure.
  • Revision and testing of used shock absorbers.


With the shock absorbers we also offer the possibility of an assembly service in our own workshop by appointment.

It is possible to carry out the work yourself and use our vehicle lift for a fixed fee.We can also diagnose the condition of your suspension of your vehicle and advise you on what can be improved.

We can propose an upgrade of your suspension to get better road holding in the conditions you requested

Missions & company values

Company Philosophy and core value.

We thank you to select us to realize your dream ride.
We thank you for choosing us to build your dream ride.

1. We only accept work that we find challenging and interesting.

2. Customers, spend their money for a service and want to be served …. and a person who is in service deserves respect. A well-informed customer will in the long run become a partner and a collaborator in their own project and not a counterpart.

3. Realizing your dream must start from the heart … and not from the head …. but bad planning can turn the most beautiful dream into a nightmare. If you have any questions, we can always help you decide. We demand complete clarity, honesty and integrity in everything we do.

4. If you spend a lot of time with us … then you can also have a lot of fun. Quality is our only brand. Life is too short to share our craftsmanship with someone who cannot or does not want to follow us to achieve a well-achievable project result. We thank you if you wish to do business with us.


We are looking for enthusiast freelance collaborator, make application by email

Tom Steurbaut

Manager and Sales Advisor at
Fast Car Parts.

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